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Particularly worthy of protection.

Because we love nature.

Dear guests!

Sustainability is a nice word. You hear it often. For us, this word has a value. It is an attitude to life and a very special matter of the heart for us.

We take our responsibility for our environment very seriously and would like to share with you how we try to do our best to conserve resources.

We think about tomorrow today and want to offer you a carefree stay in harmony with nature.

Your host

Gernot Auer & the Latini Team 

We are supplied with 100 % ecostrom. Among other things from our local hydroelectric power plant in Kaprunfrom which more than 90 % of the electricity comes from climate-friendly hydropower. hydropower. This hydropowerplant, with the impressive high mountain reservoirs can be also can be visited from May to October and is a worthwhile excursion.

Heat recovery for cold stores and ventilation systems.

In the hotel mainly LED lamps are used as a light source.

Energy from nature: In our own heating plant, pellets serve as a renewable energy source and provide for the water heating and comfortable warmth.

We have developed our own waste management system: Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, organic and residual waste are precisely separated and disposed of.

We think globally and want to act locally. It is us concern to buy regionally. This way we avoid long supply chains, always have fresh ingredients and support local businesses and farmers. We comply with all qualityquality and origin guidelines and are are pleased that we have been with the AMA - Genuss seal of approval. are.

We avoid plastic packaging when we shop, and we also do not use plasticstrohalme, StirrerPET bottles, etc.

For your stay we provide handmade recycled Spa bags at your disposal. With this we support a craft with a long tradition, fair wages and no child labor. Also our bath slippers will be in the future made from biodegradable materials and are 100 % p plastic-free.

All wellness products are provided in a dispenser provided to avoid waste.

It is important for us to havepartner companies that also work sustainably.

We use dosing systems for our cleaning agents so that overdosing is avoided.

Our employees are trained, as well as we make intercultural information, to bring our values closer to other cultures

We offer a lot of information in digital form, to avoid paper. For our key card system we use rechargeable cards.

Comfortable and stress-free arrive by train and save CO2 thanks to the train ride - we are happy to pick up our guests free of charge at the train station in Zell am See.

If you arrive with an electric car, we offer the possibility of charging at our at our hotel's own charging station.

From May to October all guests travel free of charge by public transport.transportation.

Not only we in the hotel are committed to our environment, the entire region of Zell am See - Kaprun is developing into a tourism showcase region with the support of the Climate and Energy Conds. Zell am See - Kaprun is a climate - Energy Model Region and will stand as a lighthouse project and internationally known showcase region for climate protection in tourism.

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