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Our house winemakers

Winery PMC Münzenrieder - Burgenland
In the heart of the Neusiedlersee Seewinkel National Park, lies the winery of brothers Peter and Christoph Münzenrieder. The warm and sunny climate of Apetlon offers optimal conditions for renowned quality wines, which are known and sought after far beyond the region. Gentle processing and strictest control are the principles of Peter and Christoph Münzenrieder's work. The top wines mature for up to 18 months in French oak barrels and continuously bring the two winemaker brothers national and international awards.

In-house bottling

Sauvignon Blanc 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Bright, light greenish yellow. In the nose yellow fruit of gooseberries and grapefruit. Very elegant on the palate, with fine herbal spice and drinking acidity on the finish.
12.5% alc by volume

Winery Gerald Tschida - Burgenland
In the small village of Apetlon near the Neusiedlersee is the
Winery Gerald Tschida can be found. Gerald Tschida and his family take advantage of the excellent climatic and geographic conditions here to grow a top class wine. 12 hectares of land are cultivated with the expert knowledge of 2 generations.

In-house bottling

Zweigelt Medium 2020 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Very digestible red wine with good drinking flow! Fully ripe berries with thin skin result in less tannin in the wine, but a lot of aromatics. Matured in stainless steel tanks. Dark purple. Primary aroma, berries and sour cherry on the nose. Mild and juicy on the palate, soft tannin and lots of primary fruit! Cherry jam on the finish. Uncomplicated drinking pleasure!
12.5% vol. alc.

Bottled Wines White - Austria

Grüner Veltliner Ried Oberfeld 2021 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Dockner Winery | Höbenbach | Kremstal | Lower Austria
Fresh & fruity. Inviting yellow tropical fruit notes with a hint of pineapple and fine herbal spice. Full-bodied with elegant texture and pleasant fruit sweetness. Harmonious with lemony nuances on the finish.
12.5% alc. by volume.

FORBIDDEN Green 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Laurenz V. | Kamptal | Lower Austria
A unique semi-dry version of a Grüner Veltliner. Endlessly fruity, endless complexity with a touch of residual sweetness, beautiful balance with fresh, juicy grape characters and subtle tropical notes. Simply "forbidden" good & sweet.
11% alc. by vol.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terraces 2022 0,75 l € 27,00
Domäne Wachau Winery | Dürnstein | Wachau | Lower Austria
Straw yellow with discreet streaking. Pronounced and open on the nose. Very lively aromas of white pepper, gooseberry and some yellow apple. Light wine with fresh acidity. Very harmonious with a fruity and spicy finish.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Zehenthof Wachau DAC 2022 0,75 l € 36,00
Holzapfel Winery | Weißenkirchen in der Wachau | Lower Austria
Light yellow-green, silver reflections. Finely spiced nuances of pineapple and mango, candied tangerine zest, mineral touch. Medium body, fine fruity, fresh apple, pleasant acid structure.
12% alc. by volume.

Grüner Veltliner Light & Dry 2022 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Bründlmayer | Langenlois | Kamptal | Lower Austria
Delicate floral scent as well as some hazelnut, lively yet light-bodied. Lean yet pithy, grippy style, youthful, peppery and dry.
11% alc. by vol.

Grüner Veltliner Ried Steinertal 2020 0,75 l € 59,00
Winery F. X. Pichler | Dürnstein | Wachau | Lower Austria
Elegant aroma, delicate orange zest, yellow apple, exotic fruits like mango and a fine spiciness.
13.5% vol. alc.

Riesling Federspiel from the terraces 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Domäne Wachau Winery | Dürnstein | Wachau | Lower Austria
Radiant, bright straw yellow with delicate green reflections. Very present and pronounced on the nose, ripe stone fruit notes, fine citrus and grapefruit, elegant exoticism. The palate shows juicy stone fruit flavors with elegant structure, zesty acidity in good balance with dense fruit flavors.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Riesling Antonius DAC 2021 0,75 l € 28,00
Dockner Winery | Höbenbach | Kremstal | Lower Austria
Very inviting bouquet. Hints of apricot and yellow apples on the nose. Juicy with a nice balance between acidity, extract and residual sugar. A true Riesling classic with a wonderfully drinkable style.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Riesling Smaragd Loibenberg 2021 0,75 l € 61,00
Winery Knoll | Dürnstein | Wachau | Lower Austria
Light yellow-green. In the nose apricot and fine blossom honey. On the palate stoffig and delicate after apricot jam. Carried by a crystal clear acidity. Finely reminiscent of grapefruit in the aftertaste.
13.5% vol. alc.

Welschriesling South Styria DAC 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Winery Regele | Ehrenhausen a. d. Weinstraße | South Styria
Welschriesling is known as the main Styrian variety. It shows fruit- green apple, citrus- on the palate fine spicy, dry, light and racy. A drinking wine, which fits ideally to the Backhenderl!
11.5% vol. alc.

Welschriesling Classic 2022 0,75 l € 28,00
Winery Wohlmuth | Kitzeck | South Styria
Light greenish yellow. Finely spicy on the nose with delicate hints of herbs and a pleasant apple note. On the palate crisp, lively and animating to drink, fresh green apple in the reverberation and a mineral finish.
12% vol. alc.

Yellow Muscat 2021 | 2020 0,75 l € 38,00
Winery Tement | Berghausen | South Styria
Fresh, quite juicy and very inviting aromas of peach jelly and apricots. The taste finely spicy and playful with varietal typical fine acidity in the finish.
11,5 % vol. alc.

Chardonnay Selection 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Winery Gebrüder Nittnaus | Gols | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Pale golden yellow, exotic fruits on the nose, elegant presence of ripe fruit and creamy on the palate, fine acidity structure, long finish, drinking style.
13% alc. by volume

Chardonnay Reserve 2022 0,75 l € 36,00
Krug Winery | Gumpoldskirchen | Thermenregion | Lower Austria
Bright straw yellow with green reflections and gold shimmer. On the nose a mix of apple with a hint of citrus. Pleasantly dry on the palate with fine fruit sweetness. In the aftertaste an elegant minerality.
13.5% vol. alc.

Pinot Blanc 2021 0,75 l € 28,00
Winery Hannes Reeh | Andau | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Fresh and lively varietal representative, fine meadow herbs, mineral spice, nutty aromas. Extremely pleasant to drink, delicate pear-like finish.
13% vol. alc.

Pinot Gris Ried Zoppelberg Südsteiermarki DAC 2019 0,75 l € 28,00
Winery Regele | Ehrenhausen a. d. Weinstraße | South Styria
Youthful color, inviting yellow fruit notes, almonds, melon, tight wine, lively drinking flow, fruity-spicy finish, good length.
12% vol. alc.

Pinot Gris Styrian Classic 2021 0,75 l € 39,00
Winery Neumeister | Straden | Vulkanland | Styria
Light greenish yellow. A touch of herbal spice underpinned white peach nuances, delicate dark minerality, passion fruit. Juicy, fine acid structure, floral notes, remains well adherent, pear nuances in the finish.
13% alc. by volume.

Sauvignon Blanc Ehrenhausen Korallenkalk 2019 0,75 l € 46,00
Winery Tement | Berghausen | South Styria
Spicy, mineral and enormously complex bouquet of yellow, fully ripe pears, a little grapefruit and citrus. There are also muesli notes reminiscent of celery and yellow bell bell pepper. Wonderful vibrant acidity on the palate, bright and clear, very long lasting.
13.5% alc. by volume.

Sauvignon Blanc Classic 2021 0 ,75 l € 29,00
Strauss Winery | Gamlitz | Styria
Very complex, mineral, grassy fruit component with scents of elderberry and currants. Intense and aromatic on the palate with a well-supporting acidity.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Gemischter Satz 2022 0,75 l € 28,00
Winery Zahel | Mauer | Vienna
Distinctive bouquet with fruity elements, fresh, lively and youthful, crisp - juicy taste with a memorable character.
12 % vol. alc.

Half bottles

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel from the terraces 2022 | 2021 0,375 l € 14,00
Domäne Wachau Winery | Dürnstein | Wachau | Lower Austria
Straw yellow with discreet streaking. Pronounced and open on the nose. Very lively aromas of white pepper, gooseberry and some yellow apple. Light wine with fresh acidity. Very harmonious with a fruity and spicy finish.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Sauvignon Blanc 2021 | 2020 0,375 l € 19,00
Winery Wohlmuth | Kitzeck | South Styria
Radiant greenish yellow. Ripe yellow and red fruits, bell bell pepper, has power, skillfully plays with ripe warm and cool mineral aromas, spirited. On the palate finesse and complexity with great length.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Bottled wine White - Germany

Riesling from the terraces 2017 0 ,75 l € 38,00
Knebel Winery | Winningen | Mosel | Germany
Particularly striking is the perfect harmony of delicate sweetness, typical Riesling acidity and the finest salty minerality. Very complex, this Riesling offers a spectrum of aromas of citrus fruits, honey and slightly herbal nuances.
12% vol. alc.

Bottled wine White - Italy

Pinot Grigio DOC 2022 | 2021 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Borgo Molino | Veneto | Italy
Bright straw yellow. On the nose juicy yellow apples, sugar melon and quince with a fine mineral note. Fine acidity and lots of melt on the palate.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Vigna Senza Nome Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2022 0,75 l € 29,00
Braida | Piedmont | Italy
Straw yellow, fresh fruit, orange and elderflower on the nose, muscat aroma on the palate, orange blossom, long lasting mousseux.
5,5 % vol. alc.

Bottled wine White - France

Chablis 2020 0,75 l € 41,00
Brocard Winery | Burgundy | France
Juicy light gold with greenish sheen. Fresh bouquet with clear fruit and fine mineral notes. Fresh and juicy on the palate, very harmonious with delicious fruity aromas of ripe apples and pears.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Bottled wine White - Spain

Estrella de Murviedro Moscatel Valenicia DO 2021 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Bodegas Murviedro | Requena | Spain
Pale golden yellow with greenish reflections, intense and powerful nose,
characteristic, reminiscent of orange peel and flowers, tasty and sweet on the palate, refreshing.
8.5% vol. alc.

Bottled wine rosé

Zweigelt Rosé 2022 0,125 l € 4,40 | 0,75 l € 26,00
Winery Jurtschitsch | Langenlois | Kamptal | Lower Austria
Wine from controlled organic cultivation. This rosé impresses with its bright pink color with onion skin colored reflections. A delicate fragrance with fine fruit nuances of cherries and wild berries. It appears fresh and animating!
12.5% Vol. Alc.

Rosé 2022 0,75 l € 27,00
Winery Pittnauer | Gols | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Light, lively and fresh. Onion colored with harmonious, balanced acidity. An ideal companion for any occasion.
12,5 % vol. alc.

Bottled wine red - Austria

Zweigelt Classic 2021 | 2020 0,75 l € 26,00
Winery Grassl | Göttlesbrunn | Carnuntum | Lower Austria
Powerful aroma of cherries and blue berries, juicy and dense on the palate, cool spicy dark berry fruit on the softly fading palate, fine tannins.
12,5 % vol. alc.

Zweigelt 2021 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Hillinger | Jois | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Ruby-colored red wine with violet shimmer and black core. The bouquet of sour cherries underpinned with fine chocolate. The palate creamy and smooth. Lots of fruit. A lush aroma and a long finish.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Schwarz Red 2016 0 ,75 l € 99,00
Winery Schwarz | Andau | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Medium ruby garnet with purple hues, dark berries on the nose, ripe cherry fruit, fine noble wood spice. On the palate red berry nuances. Juicy, elegant texture, very well integrated tannin, pleasant extract sweetness on the finish.
12.5% alc. by volume.

Blaufränkisch Mittelburgenland DAC 2020 0,125 l € 4,60 | 0,75 l € 27,00
Winery Strass | Horitschon | Mittelburgenland
Strong ruby garnet with violet reflections. In the nose very inviting blackberry note, black cherries, fine mineral spice, some chocolate. Juicy on the palate, fresh cherry fruit, substantial texture, lively, sticks well, clear varietal expression, fine raspberry note in the finish, good length.
13% alc. by volume.

Blaufränkisch 2018 0,75 l € 34,00
Heinrich Winery | Gols | Burgenland
Refreshing red fruitiness meets piquant herbal spice and stimulating pepperiness. Its straightforward, compact body resonates in in-phase harmony with fine-grained soft tannin and a gossamer invigorating acidity.
13% alc. by vol.

Blaufränkisch Ried Kirchholz Old Vines 2019 0,75 l € 38,00
Winery Weninger | Horitschon | Mittelburgenland
Dark ruby garnet, violet reflections, delicate water edge. In the nose fresh cherries, delicately underlaid with blackberry jelly, fine herbal spice, orange zest sounds. Medium-bodied, red berry nuances, soft fruit, fresh structure, lemony finish.
12% alc. by volume.

Pinot noir 2015 Southern Styria 0 ,75 l € 29,00
Winery Regele | Ehrenhausen a. d. Weinstraße | Southern Styria
Dark ruby red, medium color intensity, light orange rim; fruity and spicy nose, berry tones, cassis, dried herbs; dry with pleasant acidity, dense structure - an elegant, fine red wine that harmonizes well with red meat and cheese.
Vol. 13% Alc.

Pinot Noir Dorflagen 2021 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Pittnauer | Gols | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Light fireside garnet, delicate brightening. In the nose very delicate, fine nuances of orange blossom, inviting sweetness and a hint of caramel. Fresh structure on the palate, crisp style, red berry, present tannins, some raspberry and violet on the finish.
13% alc. by volume.

Merlot 2021 0,125 l € 4,60 | 0,75 l € 27,00
Winery G + R Triebaumer | Rust | Neusiedlersee-Hügelland | Burgenland
Intense Merlot with a distinctive character and archetypal minty notes, plus elderberry and cedar aromas underpinned by hints of cassis and dark fine chocolate. A beguiling wine with pleasant tannin and beautiful melting as well as vibrant structure and clear tobacco notes that manages to seduce!
13.5% alc by volume

Merlot 2020 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Hannes Reeh | Andau | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Dark ruby garnet. Delicately leafy on the nose with fine tobacco notes and some nougat.
On the palate dark berry confit and fine spice. Present tannins.
14% alc. by volume.

St. Laurent 2020 0,75 l € 29,00
Winery Auer | Tattendorf | thermal region | Lower Austria
Lots of mixed berry and sour cherry fruit on the nose. On the palate a fine bite. Medium-bodied with clear varietal character and ripe tannins.
12,5 % vol. alc.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 0,125 l € 4,90 | 0,75 l € 29,00
Pfneisl Winery | Deutschkreuz | Mittelburgenland
Dark ruby garnet, violet reflections, delicate rim brightening. Dark berry confit, underlaid with delicate tobacco herbal spice, some orange zest, blackberry hints. Juicy, elegant, heart cherries, wood spice, well-integrated tannins, red berry finish, sticks well, good food companion.
13,5 % vol. alc.

Heideboden 2021 | 2018 0 ,75 l € 37,00
Winery Claus Preisinger | Gols | Lake Neusiedl | Burgenland
Cuvée of 50% Zweigelt, 30% Blaufränkisch and 20% Merlot. A medium garnet red with light purple rims. On the nose, heart cherries with a hint of cloves and subtle toasted notes. Fruity and light-bodied on the palate. Fine clear soft fruit with some spice in the finish.
13.5% alc. by volume.

Big John 2020 0 ,75 l € 45,00
Winery Scheiblhofer | Andau | Lake Neusiedl | Burgenland
Cuvée of Zweigelt, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Dense purple with ruby rims. Very fruity with a subtle scent of caramel. Complex and multilayered. Powerful tannin with oak flair.
13.5% alc. by volume.

The Phantom 2020 0,75 l € 64,00
Winery K + K Kirnbauer | Horitschon | Mittelburgenland
A dark garnet red blend of Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Multi-layered and interesting nose with a wild berry cranberry note. Fine toasty aromas combined with delicate floral hints.
13.5% alc by volume.

Impresario 2017 0 ,75 l € 70,00
Winery Kerschbaum | Horitschon | Mittelburgenland
Cuvée of 20% Zweigelt, 50% Blaufränkisch, 20% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Full bouquet with fully mature smoky dark berry notes, blueberries, violets and licorice, subtle spice, sweet wood notes. Smooth opulent fruit melt, considerable richness, velvety-soft at first, firm and long towards the finish.
14% alc. by volume.

Pentagon 2015 0 ,75 l € 75,00
Pfneisl Winery | Deutschkreutz | Mittelburgenland
Cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir. Dark ruby garnet with violet reflections. Delicate berry fruit underlaid with chocolate. Hints of blueberry and cassis with pleasant herbal spice. Juicy, precisely sweet wild berry fruit. Well-integrated, fine tannins.
13.5% alcohol by volume.

Bottled Wines Red - Italy

Valpolicella Classico DOC 2021 0,125 l € 4,60 | 0,75 l € 27,00
Domini Veneti | Verona | Veneto | Italy
fruit bouquet with hints of cherry, ripe raisins. Smooth body with fine fruit aromas, very elegant, dry, ruby red. Much harmony on the palate, great drinking maturity.
12% alc. by volume.

Chianti Classico DOCG 2011 0,75 l € 34,00
Fattoria Cerbaia | Barberino Tavarnelle - Firenze
Beautiful, mature Chianti. Dark, deep ruby red. Nose dominated by tertiary aromatics, wood, tobacco, smoke, leather, spicy. Plum, heart cherry. Dry, strong acidity and nice bite. Dense, voluminous and broad. Long on the finish. Super drinkable, but will keep well for a few more years.
14% alc. by volume.

Primitivo Evoluzione Puglia IGT 2020 0,75 l € 39,00
Feudo Badala | Puglia | Italy
Hearty and fruity nose of ripe raspberries, blackberries and young cherries, then red currant, light flower, fine. On the palate just as fruit-driven with a cool core and clear course, young tannin, slightly salty, also juicy, pithy in the finish.
14% alc. by volume.

Brunello di Montalcino 2013 0,75 l | € 69,00
Friggiali Winery | Tuscany | Italy
Intense ruby red with a tendency to garnet. Intense and persistent on the nose. Complex and robust on the palate with expressive tannins. Very well balanced.
14% alc. by vol.

Barbera D'Asti Superiore DOCG 2020 0,75 l € 39,00
Winery Bologna e Figli S.R.L | Piemonte | Italy
Shimmering ruby garnet with a dark core. On the nose one finds characteristic of Barbera the cherry; fine berry aromas. The palate is also dominated by fruit, the tannin is well integrated and has a velvety structure. The acidity gives the wine a great drinking flow.
14.5% vol. alc.

Bottled wine red - Spain

Rioja Crianza La Montesa 2018 0,75 l € 36,00
Winery Palacios Remondo | Rioja - Torro | Spain
Intense bright ruby red color. Very balanced with fresh notes of berries, jam and a touch of chocolate. Fine toasted and vannilla aromas. Robust and generous on the palate. Great structure with a round finish.
14% alc. by volume.

Bottled Wine Red - California

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 0 ,75 l € 32,00
Robert Mondavi Winery | Twin Oaks | California
Juicy fruit and velvety tannin give the Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon aromatic richness and structure on the palate with persistent length on the finish, round and harmoniously balanced with hints of wild berry spice and plenty of melt.
13.5% alc. by vol.

Bottled wine red - France

Cru Bourgeois 2012 0,75 l € 83,00
Winery Château de Pez | Bordeaux | France
This blend is composed of 52% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot. Deep purple with purple highlights. Fascinating bouquet with wild cherries and wild berries. Concentrated aroma. Very Burgundian on the palate, still dominant tannin structure but already a wonderful finish.
13% alc. by volume.

Grand Vin de Chateau Plaisance 2016 0 ,75 l € 36,00
Winery SCEA du Château Plaisance | Bordeaux | France
When the spice collection resides in the currant, it goes far beyond the herbs of Provence. There's still juniper and black pepper, a touch of cinnamon and cloves - very universal.
14.5% alc. by volume.

Bottled Wine Red - Australia

Shiraz Euglehawk 2020 0,75 l € 27,00
Wolf Blass Winery | Australia
Dark purple red, scent of red berries, fine spice and pepper notes with nuances of cinnamon and clove. On the palate full-bodied, supple, balanced, elegant, fruity with aromas of dark plums, fine toast aroma with a long finish.
14.5% alc. by volume.

Bulk bottles of red wines

Umathum Haideboden 2014 3 ,0 l € 275,00
Winery Umathum | Frauenkirchen | Lake Neusiedl | Burgenland
Cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch.
Intense ruby red with dark core in color, spicy nose, berry fruit with hints of raspberries and cherries, full-bodied palate with intense fruit of plums and currants, fine tannic acid, full-bodied and long finish.
13 % vol. alc.

Big John 2017 1 ,5 l € 85,00
Winery Scheiblhofer | Andau | Lake Neusiedl | Burgenland
Cuvée of Zweigelt, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Dense purple with ruby rims. Very fruity with a subtle scent of caramel. Complex and multilayered. Powerful tannin with oak flair.
13.5% alc. by volume.

Terminator 2016 1,5 l € 99,00
Winery Tschida | Apetlon | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Cuvée of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and Merlot. Roasted aromas paired with vanilla, finely fragrant on the palate dancing - blueberries, dark cherry, black currants, powerful on the palate, elegant at the same time.
14% alc. by volume.

Magnat 2017 3 ,0 l € 140,00
Winery Tschida | Apetlon | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Full-bodied powerful red wine that impresses with complexity. Intense black currant and highly ripe, dark cherries. Nevertheless filigree and multilayered.
13.5% vol. alc.

Prädikat wines | Sweet wines

Auslese Cuvée 2017 0 ,375 l € 25,00
Kracher Winery | Illmitz | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
In the nose fine peach fruit, tropical fruit tank tones. On the palate a touch of vineyard peach, fresh grapefruit peel, delicate herbal spice, lively acidity, mineral texture, finesse and elegance.
12.5% vol. alc.

Traminer Sulztaler Zoppelberg Ice Wine 1997 0 ,375 l € 38,00
Winery Regele | Ehrenhausen a. d. Weinstraße | South Styria
Golden yellow hues, strong viscosity; complex aroma spectrum: candied fruits, warm honey notes, caramel tones; nice balance between fine acidity and fruity sweetness; long lasting finish.
12% alc by vol.

Traminer Sulztaler Zoppelberg Auslese 2017 5 cl € 4,00 | 0,375 l € 29,00
Winery Regele | Ehrenhausen a. d. Weinstraße | South Styria
Medium yellow gold with orange inclusions; fruity and young on the nose; fine nuances of rose and acacia blossoms, blood orange. Elegant and juicy on the palate, pleasant acidity balance, long finish.
14,5 % vol. alc.

Beerenauslese 2018 0 ,375 l € 29,00
Winery Tschida | Apetlon | Neusiedlersee | Burgenland
Strong yellow gold, intense botrytis spice on the nose, of raisins, dried plums, apricots. On the palate fine stone fruit confit, residual sweetness elegantly integrated, fresh finish.
10% alc. by volume.

Ruster Ausbruch organic 2008 0 ,375 l € 43,00
Winery Feiler-Artinger | Rust | Burgenland
Cuvée of 85% Weissburgunder and 15% Gelber Muskateller. Deep gold with delicate amber reflections. Wonderful bouquet of honey, lime blossoms and exotic fruits. Sweet acidity on the palate, extremely long finish.
9% alc. by volume.

Sparkling wine | Prosecco

Prosecco Superiore DOCG 0 ,1 l € 4,20 | 0,75 l € 29,00
La Farra | Valdobbiadene | Italy
Very light green gold with consistent rising fine perlage. Nose of yellow stone fruit and fresh apple, inviting. Balanced and pleasantly sweet on the palate, spreads with pleasant perlage in the mouth, fresh and clear, finishes with good pressure.
10.5% alc. by volume.

Sparkling vintage wine
Winery Schlumberger | Vienna 0 ,75 l € 38,00
Refreshing apricot fragrance, intense aromas of green apple, delicate yeast components, dry, fresh and fruity, delicately smoky, ripe fruit, flattering, lively. Emphasizes low dosage. Concise acidity.
11.5% alc. by volume.

Rosé Brut 0 ,75 l € 40,00
Winery Schlumberger | Vienna
Light salmon pink. In the nose fine fragrance with hints of red wild berries. On the palate strong mousseux. In the taste finesse-rich and yeasty. Soft, velvety finish.
11.5% alc. by volume.

White Secco 0 ,75 l € 42,00
Winery Schlumberger | Vienna
With delicate grape bouquet in the nose, little and very fine bubbles that last long. Extremely fresh and fruity, particularly light and pleasant to drink.
11,5 % vol. alc.

"L" sparkling wine Rosé 0,75 l € 29,00
Affaltrach Castle | Württemberg
Noble salmon color, fresh scent of wild berries and raspberries, paired with currants. A hint of vanilla, as well as notes of freshly baked toast make it clear that our rosé was produced with the highest craftsmanship of German sparkling wine makers.
11,5 % vol. alc


Moët & Chandom Ice Impérial Rose 0,75 l € 99,00
The vivid pink in the glass promises a fragrant bouquet of red berries such as sour cherry, cranberry and pomegranate. Juicy peach and a hint of figs mingle with it.
12% Vol. Alc.

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial 0 ,75 l € 99,00
Strong aromas of tropical fruit (mango, guava), the generosity of stone fruit (nectarine), a special note of raspberry. The palate is generous, rounded and fresh.
12% alc. by volume.

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial 0 ,2 l € 32,00 | 0,75 l € 88,00
Winery Moet & Chandon | Epernay | Champagne | France
The Brut Impérial is the most popular champagne in the world and impresses with its aromas of fresh nuts and green apples. Very fine, sparkling acidity and delicately flattering finish.
12% Vol. Alc.

Pol Roger Brut Reserve 0 ,75 l € 89,00
Pol Roger Winery | Ardennes | Champagne | France
Pol Roger stands for excellent and highly appreciated qualities. The Brut Reserve is noble and racy with a pronounced body and fine mousseux. A worthy champagne to celebrate special occasions.
13% Vol. Alc.

Gosset Grand Rosé 0 ,75 l € 108,00
Winery Gosset | Ardennes | Champagne | France
Fine mousseux, beautiful fragrance and perfect harmony - a pleasure to be savoured.
12% Vol. Alc.

Dom Perignon 1996/2002/2003 0 ,75 l € 290,00
Winery Moet & Chandon | Epernay | Champagne | France
Probably the best champagne in the world, Dom Perignon impresses with its delicious texture, creamy finish and last but not least its cult status! Each vintage matures for at least 7 years. A very special champagne.
12.5% Vol. Alc.

All prices in euros, including taxes and duties.
Alcohol content and vintages are subject to change.

All wines and sparkling wines offered may contain sulfur, sulfites and proteins.
Misprints and price changes reserved.